Envac Automation platform

A self-learning system that constantly renews itself, built on many years of human experience. Envac´s new automation platform for urban waste handling is ready to be used world-wide. 

From manual to automated, from work by hand in the 1960's to today's many years of experience built into a high-tech system that automatically collects information and uses it to optimize the whole vacuum waste collection system.

EAP (Envac Automation Platform) is the brain of Envac and can be built into any of the company's existing facilities around the world. Through installation of strategic sensors in individual waste disposal points, data can continuously be collected, stored and processed in the system terminal.

Adaptive algorithms ensure that the system is self-learning with respect to when and what sequence of inlets that are emptied at each specific time.

Thanks to extensive information on waste volume, density, number of waste streams, et cetera, EAP enables an optimization of the system. It also optimizes how frequently the container must be retrieved from the waste collection station.

More and more functions are constantly built into the software, to ensure a balanced operation that optimizes automation, reduces operating energy consumption and minimizes the amount of maintenance needed. This in turn leads to operational energy savings of up to 50 percent and considerable reduction of operational costs.

EAP also ensures that the system's hardware is ready for any future improvements and expansions and is continuously updated with latest experience from all Envac installations.

The operational knowledge built into the system is based on the latest technology. But it would not be what it is without Envac’s vast and long-time experience, from all corners of the earth. It is the perfect combination of experience with frontline knowledge that makes EAP a safe choice for the future.