Envac's Self-Emptying Litterbins are the answer

Overflowing litterbins are a common problem in public areas. But they don't have to be. The solution is Envac’s Self-Emptying Litterbins.

It´s a perfect day for lunch in the park, so you go to your local supermarket to buy some fresh food and refreshments. You arrive at the park moments later looking forward to relax in the sun.

But wait, what has happened to the park? Waste is everywhere and the only litterbin in sight is brimming, attracting rats and other pests.

In most cities litter is a problem that everyone can relate to. It is also an expensive problem, as it requires many thousands of working hours per year to manage. But Envac’s Self-Emptying Litterbins offer an easy, cost effective and sustainable solution. This system eliminates the prevalence of overfilled litterbins by installing self-emptying litter receptacles within a public area, for example at various points throughout a park or lining a main street.

The system is based on Envac’s vacuum technology. Every litterbin is equipped with a “level sensor” that detects when the bin is full. Once full, a valve opens below the bin and the litter is sucked into a pipe network and on to a terminal with a storage container, where the litter is automatically fed in until it is full. The container is then hoisted onto a collection vehicle and taken away by the local waste management company.

The result? Cleaner urban areas, a cost effective waste management system, reduced traffic as multiple daily manual collections are no longer required and a more peaceful and greener environment.


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