One system fits all

Parks, arenas, airports... regardless of the location Envac’s Self Emptying Litterbins have undoubtedly helped to create cleaner cities and environments. This unique solution has gained a lot of attention worldwide due to its suitability for a wide range of public spaces.

Effective waste handling poses many challenges in city centres as a result of increased traffic, lack of space and large crowds. At the same time, cities must provide a clean environment not only for their residents but also to retain a competitive edge as a global city ‘brand’.


The amount of litter that appears in city parks is affected by unpredictable factors like weather. With Envac’s Self Emptying Litterbins, the automated nature of the emptying process means that the bins are emptied as and when required – and without having any bearing on the municipalities’ manual workforce.


In and around arenas that are home to large sporting and music events, vast amounts of litter often rapidly appear. Envac’s Self-Emptying Litterbins enable litter to be removed seamlessly – and unnoticed - during these events, without disturbing or disrupting visitors.


Litterbins on beaches are traditionally hard to access and are often full. This attracts birds, rats and cats, which scatter the waste. Equipping a beach with an easily installed Self-Emptying Litterbin system, which can also be fitted with ashtrays, keeps the beach clean and attractive at all hours.

Airports and train stations

A large amount of litter is constantly generated at places where many people travel. Envac’s Self-Emptying Litterbins easily handle this problem and can simply be adjusted to comply with the required safety regulations such as those within airports.

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