Envac keeps Nyhavn clean

A colourful tourist spot and a bustling harbour, Nyhavn in Copenhagen is one of Denmark's most famous landmarks. It was also one of the first town areas in the world to install Envac’s Self-Emptying Litterbins.

Every day, especially in the summer, countless tourists walk along the waterfront of Nyhavn, a historical district in Copenhagen.

As a historical city with its roots dating back to the 17th century, the waterfront, canal and entertainment district attracts a growing number of tourists each year and during the summer months, the volumes of litter grow in line with the increased footfall.

However unlike many modern towns and cities where vehicular access isn’t a problem, Nyhavn’s narrow streets and windy lanes make manual waste collection a challenge – even more so when the streets are lined with tourists.

For 15 years, Envac’s automated waste collection system has lined the waterfront in Nyhavn. Self-Emptying Litterbins were added last spring. The area has become a prime example of how Envac can be used within the public realm as the system can handle an unlimited amount of waste and litter, which means the bins are never overfilled. The level sensor detects when the bins need emptying, the waste is sucked into an underground pipe network and then transported to a central collection station on the outskirts of Nyhavn.

The combined waste and litterbin system in Nyhavn provides the city with a quay that is always clean. ‘No longer do noisy manual waste collections by heavy waste collection vehicles, five to seven times a day, take place’, says Thomas Rovsing, Country Manager of Envac in Denmark.

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