What other people write about Envac

These are links to articles and videos made by other people about Envac and our waste management solutions.

Can Mumbai manage waste the Swedish way? by Mr RN Bhaskar - an article published on asiaconverge.com and on epaper.freepressjournal.in  (March 2016).

http://www.letsrecycle.com/news/latest-news/innovations-on-display-at-rwm-2015 by letsrycle (Sept 2015)
- A round-up of some of the highlights at the RWM exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC. "Envac shares subterranean plans for London".


Older articles

Innovation drives Envac's expansion by Joel Levy - An interview with CEO Christer Öjdemark published by Business Review Europe (February 2014)

Le système Envac de La Cité Verte - by Marie-Ève Sirois published by Voirvert.ca (December 2013). (French)

Suck it and see published by Modern Utility Management (June 2013)

Will New York City get a subway for garbage? by Michael Kanellos (forbes.com) (March 13, 2012)