Reflections about the complex task of urban renewal

Envac’s systems are a new approach to urban waste management. The waste collection becomes an integral part of city’s underground infrastructure. The integration of an Envac system in an urban environment has many advantages, but it also affects many stakeholders. A smooth implementation therefore requires leadership, planning and coordination, where affected municipal services and citizens are involved in the process from the very beginning.

Cooperating for success

Sustainable solutions can't be achieved by one company alone. To be successful, businesses have to cooperate with governments and NGOs, as well as with other businesses.

Listen to an inspiring message from Jonas Törnblom, Director of Marketing and Communication, Envac Group

Waste, waste, waste

In the coming years urban waste disposal will be about getting people to sort and recycle more of the products and materials they consume. But the question is how?

Sustainability expert Kaj Embrén interviews Christer Öjdemark, CEO Envac Group, on the subject

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