Paju Area

Project status

The Paju Area is located in the north-west part of metropolitan Seoul area.

The area used to receive continuous attention due to it's unpleasant location close to industries. Living conditions and the environment of this area were far behind compared with the center of Seoul.

Through clever and well-planned development, it is now competing as a very pleasant place to live, with it's mix of residential blocks and natural environment.

Envac vacuum waste collection system was selected to cover all of the new development area in 9,549,000m2 as a clean infrastructure for the waste management.

When completed four Envac collection stations will cover the whole development. All the collection stations are monitored and operated from one main control room.

Basic project information
CountrySouth Korea
CityPaju City, Gyeonggi-do
Project startup2008
System in operation2011
Project completed2011
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areasResidential area
Final capacity per day57 tons per day
Area size9,549,000m2
Number of fractions2
Number of inlets2388
Total metres of pipe70500
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic Waste