New Doha International Airport

Project status
UAE / Airport

The New Doha International Airport is a greenfield airport under construction in Doha and when ready in 2012 (phase 1) and 2015 (phase 2) will cater to 50 Million passengers becoming a major hub for the Middle East and Europe.

During the finalisation of the airport design the designers were impressed with the solutions which Envac could offer to manage the waste from the terminal complex and food courts along the concourse.

Envac has three projects in the airport complex one exclusive for the Qatar Flight Catering Company processing meals for the aircrafts and handling the waste from the return of trays. Two more systems cater to the terminal building complex known as CP18 Phase 1 and CP51 (Phase 2) which are handled and managed by Parsons – Besix-Midmac JV (CP51) and Bechtel-Sky Oryx JV (CP18).

Phase 1 handles 50 tons of waste and has baggage carousels, trash chutes and screw feeders located at BOH areas catering to the waste generated on the concourse from restaurant, food courts and litter.

Phase 2 handles 75 tons of waste from the new terminal under construction and installed with baggage carousels, trash chutes and trash chutes in bench and handles waste from the concourse as well.

Basic project information
Project startup2009
Project completed2014
Basic system data
Type of systemKitchen Waste System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areasAirport, Kitchen
Final capacity per day40 to 125 tons per day
Number of fractions3
Number of inlets14
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic Waste, Card/Carboard, Packaging