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Marina 101

Project status
UAE / Residential area

This project is regarded as the tallest apartment block in the world. The building houses 40 stories as a hotel managed by the Crowne Plaza Group and has residential accommodation spread across the other floors. Resting on 7 level podium car park level the building generates 3- 4 tons of waste per day.

The value seen by the architect and client was immediate as only Envac was capable of moving the waste without manual interference by 50m which was required to move the waste from the middle of the plot to the car park adjacent to the road for trucks to access.

Moving the waste room released the space in the ground floor which allowed for the space previously allocated to the waste room to be a spacious lobby restaurant and part of public spaces for the hotel.

Basic project information
Project startup2009
Project completed2013
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areasResidential area, Office
Final capacity per day5 tons per day
Number of fractions1
Number of inlets1
Total metres of pipe45
Type of wasteMixed recyclables with paper