La Cité Verte

Project status

In June 2011 Envac signed a contract to install a vaccum waste collection system in “La Cité Verte”, a new development of Québec City.

“La Cité Verte” is located in the center of the Saint-Sacrement (Saint-Sacrament) district in the city of Quebec. It is strategically situated between the University Laval and the commercial area of the Sainte-Foy−Sillery district, and also well communicated by the capital network of urban transport.

The project of this ecocity contributes with elements and sustainable solutions that will surely suppose a reference in the country: rain water recycling, power efficiency on buildings, waste source and recovering, a better management on the urban transport, using wood of the local industry to construct the new buildings, as well as the maximum efforts to preserve the green areas.

The automated waste collection system that Envac will install in this high-quality multi residential project during 2012-2013, will manage three fractions of waste (organic food waste, rest and mixed recyclables with paper) that will be deposited in a total of 48 inlets door for household use and 9 inlets for commercial use, which will suppose a considerable saving on public space.

Through the underground transport network 1.2 Km long, the refuse will run until the semi buried waste collection terminal.

Envac alternative solution to the traditional waste management is just one of the ecological strategies chosen in “La Cité Verte”. It will sure become a showcase for green technology in the east part of Canada, playing an important role in the area of Quebec.

Basic project information
Project startup2012
Project completed2013
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areasResidential area, Shopping centre
Final capacity per day4 tons per day
Number of fractions3
Number of inlets57
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic Waste, Mixed recyclables with paper