Hammarby Sjostad

Hammarby Sjostad
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Envac Scandinavia AB
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Every year thousands of visitors come from all corners of the globe to draw inspiration from the attractive architecture and technological solutions in Hammarby Sjöstad. The vacuum waste collection system by Envac is a critical part of the district’s sustainability program.

When the district was planned the environmental objectives for the waste management were:

  • to reduce the total amount of household waste
  • to reduce waste collection by heavy traffic
  • to introduce source separation


To achieve the objectives an automated vacuum waste collection system was installed. At Envac we are proud to say that one of the results of the vacuum system is that the traffic with heavy waste collection vehicles has been reduced by 60%.

Another difference between the new system and the conventional manual collection origins from another customer demand, that the new system would be so attractive that its central location in the residential district would be acceptable.

This is why the Envac inlets in many of the blocks are clearly visible in central courtyards, right next to playgrounds, bike sheds and gardens. Not only does this make them a natural convergence point for residents, it also provides a social check on how the system is used.

The area will be completed in 2016. By then all buildings around Lake Hammarby will be served by a vacuum waste collection system. Envac have delivered three stationary vacuum systems to the district. The basic information shown in "Facts" includes all 3 of them:

  • Norra Hammarbyhamnen/Barnängen in 1982
  • Hammarby Gård in 2005
  • Lugnet / Henriksdalshamnen in 2007


In 2000 we also delivered a mobile vacuum system to Sickla Udde/Sicka Kaj.

Basic project information
Project startup1997
System in operation2000
Project completed2020
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 400
Application areasResidential area
Final capacity per day20 tons per day
Number of fractions4
Number of inlets670
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic Waste, Paper, Self-Emptying Litterbins