Sustainable heating and cooling

Eco-friendly, with the prospect of becoming completely self-sufficient in power. This is one of the many great strengths of Envac waste collection systems.

Energy is a critical issue in society today. The cost of energy increases steadily and the need for sustainable energy grows rapidly. Thus, it is of great importance to work towards a conversion to non-fossil fuel in all fields. Envac is doing just that. As research progresses, our solutions leave room for an even more sustainable development.

In Envac waste collection systems, air is doing the heavy work. Carried by airflow waste is transported through pipes to a waste collection station located on the outskirts of the collection area. During the transport of waste, the temperature of the air rises some 30°C. That hot air can easily be reused through Envac's patented system of converting it to hot water through heat exchanger and storing the water in bore holes to even out the energy supply. Using heat pumps and the borehole storage, the excess heat can be used, for example, to heat adjacent buildings or to cold them converting the heat to cold.

By installing cost effective ”climate collectors”, or solar cells, or solar panels as additional energy sources on the roof of the Envac terminal, even more energy could be generated. This means that an Envac installation becomes completely self sufficient in energy. A safe and, not the least, very cost effective, solution for the future.

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