Decreased energy consumption in Eriksberg

On the northern shore of Gothenburg harbour, in the Eriksberg area, Envac's automation platform EAP is put to the test daily, with decreased energy consumption as a result.

Eriksberg is a residential area built in the 1990:s, with an underground waste collection system that expands continuously as the area grows.

In 2010 the system was upgraded with the new control system EAP (Envac Automation Platform).

This means that there is now an ultimate way of ensuring optimal waste handling, while at the same time the hardware running the vacuum waste system is ready for any future expansions.

The Eriksberg system has become a reference for upgrading of old systems in the rest of the world.

A major update of the EAP in 2011 resulted in energy savings of over 50 percent and led to a 45 percent decrease in manual operation costs.

In the future, as new buildings are connected to the system and the waste volumes increase in Eriksberg, Envac is looking at combined solutions that include heat recovery and secondary energy sources, such as solar cells. Implementing new sustainable solutions will be easy, thanks to EAP.